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Enterprise spirit

Honesty and comity, harmony and unity, innovation and return to society.

Core values

Full of enthusiasm for the work, to provide customers with meticulous service.

Open and aboveboard, honest and trustworthy, have strict time concept, pursue work efficiency.

Develop team spirit and respect and encourage talents and creativity of Qianshu.

We should be brave in undertaking social responsibility and seeking sustainable development.

Business purpose

Provide customers with 360 degree satisfactory service and provide customers with personalized service.

In the design, production and other aspects to meet the requirements of customers.

Business policy

Take good faith as the foundation, in the work pursues the good faith, the enthusiasm. Responsible behavior concept.

Take the consumer as the guide and trusted friend of consumers, introduce and provide the most suitable and satisfactory service for them.

Take technology as the foundation and strive to create technology.

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