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1: water treatment industry

Most of the water treatment plants deliver clean water in the water works. The sewage treatment plants are transported to the sewage containing sand and contain various chemical components. Both the sewage pump and the circulating water pump are equipped with MG1 or P21 type mechanical seals. The material of the friction surface is often paired with silicon carbide to the hard alloy, or the SiC pair of silicon carbide. The pump is equipped with silicon carbide for graphite under high pressure.

2: pharmaceutical industry

In the working conditions of pharmaceutical, food and other sanitary equipment, it is usually required that the equipment and the sealing parts are smooth and without dead angle. After the process is finished, it is easy to clean and rinse, and the sealing material must meet the hygienic standard. Pharmacy

Chemical plant chemical pumps are equipped on large horizontal chemical mixer.

3: oil industry

In the process of refining, the pump adopts M7N and M3N series mechanical seals. The pipe system adopts the high quality metal spiral gasket. Oil refining process pump natural gas transportation.

4: printing and dyeing textile industry

The air dynamics principle is adopted in the high temperature airflow atomizing machine. The mixture of gas produced by the blower is injected into the nozzle and the dyeing liquid conveyed by the main pump of the Dyer is met in the nozzle, and the dyed liquid is sprayed to the fabric to drive the fabric to run. High temperature air atomizing dyeing machine -KSBF series fans adopt AFS series dry gas seals of our company, and run efficiently and reliably.

5: Paper Industry

In a storage pump with a pulp consistency higher than 5%, a mechanical seal, HR10 without flushing design, and a MFL W80S mechanical seal successfully applied to the seal of the hot oil and bearing lubrication system of the roll is successfully applied.

6:Shipping Industry

M32, M37G and M7N type mechanical seals are mostly used in marine gear pumps, oil pumps and chemical material delivery pumps, and high quality carbon graphite is mostly used for reaction and sintering of silicon carbide.

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